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      "Icool off! My dear, I dudn't ever. I never understoodyou're such a tedious liddle wild thing.""Not ever?"

      "All right, John," she said. "You haven't been to many Socials, have you? Because I'd have seen youI'm at every one I can find time for. You'd be surprised how many that is. Or maybe you wouldn't."


      He pictured Odiam chiefly as a great grain farmthough there might be more money in fruit or milk, these would be mere temporary profit-making concerns, means to an end; for glory and real permanent fortune lay in wheat. He was terribly anxious lest the Corn Laws should be repealed, a catastrophe which had threatened farming for several years. For the first time he began to take an interest in politics and follow the trend of public opinion. He could not read, so was forced to depend on Naomi to read him the newspaper he occasionally had three days old from Rye."Yes, I know," laughed Shorty, "after you'd got the budge down you didn't care what happened. You're the same old brick-topped Connaught Ranger."

      "Long ago, the masters come to the world, sent by the Great Elder. We are no more than children. We do not work, we do nothing except eat and sleep and live out our lives in the world. The Great Elder makes us the gift of talking and the gift of trees, and he makes the rules of the trees.

      Who round us hath shed


      And men by nations, all were his."In the corridor she took one deep breath and then another.


      It was down in the hollow by Totease, as unpromising an estate as one could wish, all on a slope, gorse-grown at the top, then a layer of bracken, and at the Totease fence a kind of oozy pulp, where a lavant dribbled in and out of the grass; to Reuben, however, it was a land of milk and honey. He turned up the soil of it with his foot, and blessed the wealden clay.


      At Flightshot Manor comment was more enlightened."Send away Blackman!oh, Ben, he's bin with us fifteen year."